3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D explained

If there’s one type of person I have a (loving) vendetta against, it’s the fake-spiritual types.

People who get into spirituality to avoid their life’s problems, rather than to better face them. People who outsource their judgements on life to astrology, esotericism, tarot, ayahuasca, and basically anything besides real-world action and knowledge.

But they get part of the picture right, misguided and avoidant as they are. There is indeed more to life than the material things, as much as their life would improve if they cared more about its foundations.

At the same time, more materially-minded people would benefit from caring about deeper things. Minds and souls, not just experiences and resources.

It all matters, and you can’t escape 3D’s problems by entering 5D, nor can you lead a deeply meaningful life focusing solely on material acquisition.

So, when I talk about dimensions of consciousness and Reality here, keep in mind that I’m not doing this to rescue you from your problems. I’m doing this to help you better understand them, and better understand how you think. To help you view your life and all its dimensions holistically, so you can use all their power to move your life forward, not lean solely on one of them.

Every one of these dimensions is objectively “true” and “real”, and its Reality is just as valid as those vibrating quicker and more slowly than it.

This model I’m about to give you of levels of energy and consciousness has been a very useful one for me, but it’s just a model. It’s a method of explaining truths you already understand intuitively or partially to your rational mind. It’s not the absolute, all-encompassing truth about this world, nor something I claim to understand with 100% accuracy. Entertain what I’m about to tell you, but don’t forget to think for yourself along the way. 🙂

We’ll simplify the levels of consciousness on Earth into 4 dimensions: 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D.

Your levels of energy determine which of these realities you experience more strongly and viscerally and naturally than the others, as we’ve gone over in my last couple articles.

Consider this one Part III in this series.

(In this one, I talk about how your levels of energy affect your dating life at low-mid levels of consciousness)

(And this one’s all about a high-consciousness perspective on dating)

Now let’s go beyond dating, and talk about the individual.

How do you relate to your Reality? Which dimensions of it does your consciousness perceive and live in?

3D – the physical realm

A 3D-consciousness person’s highest priority is safety and security.

To them, the world’s a scary place. Surviving it means being employed. Belonging to the system. Having money and cool, useful things. Leaning on the genetic cards you’ve been dealt. Identifying with your social status, your tribe, your partner, your accomplishments and accolades.

These people are bound by the system, whether they trust in authority or rebel against it. They’re on the conventional path. The highest goal is a house, a family, a sex life, and a meaningful work life. As well as having fun when you’re not busy.

Entering a new world and a new perspective is scary, not exciting. 3D-consciousness people cling to labels and identify with other people’s (perceived) judgements of them. If the label goes, so does their identity.

This dimension of consciousness spans energy fields of 299 and below, approximately 😉

Beneath 200, a 3D-consciousness person’s power comes from taking, manipulating, engaging in zero-sum power and status games. The lower you go beneath the threshold of integrity, the more desperate and hopeless you become. The more of a beggar and a victim you become, compared to being haughty and aggressive in the higher 100s.

In the 200s, a 3D-consciousness person’s power comes from giving something to earn something. They still engage in power and status games, though these are muted and way less volatile compared to a lo-vibe 3D person’s games. Their way of being is transactional. You work the job to get money and to be useful. You go to the gym to look good and feel powerful. You befriend people to gain access to parties and sex and things and stuff. You pursue gals or guys based on how many of your boxes they check.

At 190, your power comes from how much leverage you have in a power dynamic – outclassing someone else in looks, perceived status, and social power. At 90, your power comes from harming another person, physically or psychologically. At 290, your power comes from working on yourself so you can ascend professionally, physically, and socially – and hopefully get some good sex out of it.

“Go to school, get a degree, and then work a well-paying, high-status job” is one of the highest life-goals of a typical level 250-300 person. They’re ambitious, but this ambition is contained within the 3D-system.

In the lower 200s, people just want to get by; work an unglamorous job to pay the bills, then have some fun in the crowd on their own time.

Beneath 200, work is either a drain on the spirit and every shift sucks the life out of your enslaved body, or you look down on the other guys because you work a better or more glamorous or more demanding job.

(Read the aforementioned linked articles of mine for an explanation of these energy levels)

People on the higher end of 3D consciousness fear descending to the lower end of 3D more than anything.

Their greatest fear is getting their material and social power taken away. Ending up homeless because they can’t work a job or make ends meet or because they got fucked over, being the creepy socially objectionable guy, being the desperate ugly girl, not “fitting in” with everyone who can provide them with things, experiences, and status. They look at people living these realities and think “damn, I’m happy that’s not me” under a persona of moral superiority, when really, they know a few wrong turns will get them arriving in those same realities.

They don’t consciously understand that this is because their own level of energy is in relatively close proximity to those exact realities, compared to the vibrations of 4D and beyond (few people on these levels of consciousness fear those aforementioned realities), and all it takes to bring those exact realities into their 3D life is a quick 100ish-point drop in their own energy. 😉

Most people in this world are in 3D-consciousness, which is a good thing. The world needs 3D people to build our roads, houses, stable social systems, and industries.

However, 3D-consciousness people have no concept of Flow or Divinity. They perceive the world and its happenings as material and purely coincidental.

To them, hard work and leisure are the yin and yang of everyday life. You drag yourself through school and through work to keep yourself afloat, then you go home and party.

In 4D, this separation starts to blur. Work starts to feel like play, and play starts to feel like a project.

But before we go into that, let’s make it clear that 3D-consciousness people aren’t necessarily “bad” people. They can still love and they can still think for themselves. Many of them are kind at heart, others are malicious at heart. They’re simply spiritually unaware, and think acquiring things and experiences is all there is to life, whether they’re deeply broken and are constantly looking for ways to con the world, or are benign members of society who just want to pay the bills and provide, fit into the tribe, have some sex, and enjoy the sensory things in life when they’re not busy.

God bless them.

4D – the intellectual realm

A 4D-consciousness person has realized that the machinations of life run deeper than being able to manipulate the physical and social worlds.

They believe – You are where you are because of how you think, and if you were to change your thinking, you’d change your world. Thus, they seek to understand what makes life tick, so they can bend people’s minds in their favor. They vibrate at approximately 300-500.

They’re courageous, open-minded people who’ve decided to stop caring what the mainstream 3D-world thinks of them, and instead go all-in on their individual goals in life.

While a level-295 person works hard but isn’t all-in on their own goals, still making them secondary to finding a place in the 3D-consciousness world, and conquering it from there… A level-305 person makes their individual goals and aspirations their life’s #1 priority, even if they lose out on the 3D-world for it… And a level-300 person’s identity is caught in the middle. They’ve got one foot in the 3D-world, one foot in the 4D way of life.

A level-400something person is the saying “knowledge is power” personified. They care deeply about understanding every intricacy and nuance about the world for its own sake. They’re bookworms and free-thinkers who leave no nook or cranny or subjective viewpoint unchecked when it comes to consuming wisdom, and enhancing their logical, rational understanding of how life works.

The highest goal in 4D consciousness is self-development and personal achievement. The better you can think, the better you can perform, the better you can improve your outcome in life. 4D people embrace failure and struggle, as security and comfort is no longer their #1 priority – meaning is. Any situation can become a catalyst for action and growth if you improve your mindset and your habits.

Bad genetics or poor health? You can transcend them if you just learn how your body works, feed it well, and train it well.

Don’t have the money you desire? Time to learn new skills and hustle smarter.

Pretty girl rejected you? Well, what bad mindsets and actions of yours can you improve upon to instead ATTRACT the next pretty girl who comes your way?

On the lower end of 4D are normies who’ve learnt their lessons on the conventional path and have decided to transcend the trials and regulations of “normie life”. They believe knowledge is more valuable than material things, and take full responsibility for learning what they need to learn to get somewhere great.

On the higher end of 4D are true free spirits, people who create their own systems and their own realities. True innovators and true go-getters. They trust the power of thoughts to shape reality.

While a level-295 person will chase success to prove their worth to the world and get spoils in return, a level-395 person will chase success because they believe action-taking is intrinsically valuable.

4D-consciousness people believe that a Flow State is a result of doing meaningful work. You take action on something you care about, work, work, work, and then boom – the Flow State comes. You’re in the zone. Action creates momentum.

They still believe that life is random and coincidental.

If something goes wrong, it’s because they just didn’t see it coming and should have known better. If something goes right, it’s because they had the skills and the life-understanding to make it happen.

This is simultaneously laughable and understandable to someone in 5D.

At a level of energy of about 475 to 515, 5D becomes perceivable. If 200 is the threshold of integrity, then 500 is the threshold of linearity. In 3D, life is a series of causes-and-effects that you have little power over – unless you exert a ton of effort and energy to move them around. In 4D, life is that same series of causes-and-effects, but influencing it means knowing how it works and using this knowledge to smoothly align things in your favor.

5D – the spiritual realm

In 5D, effects become causes, and causes become effects. You stop perceiving the world as separate phenomena randomly bumping into each other, and understand that they’re all pieces of one energy field splintered into lower dimensions.

Changing your reality means picking a different field of energy to tune into, and letting that “cause and effect” play out instead of an other-vibrational “cause and effect”.

A 5D-consciousness person’s highest priority is joy and happiness. Not to escape the practicalities of their life, but to better handle them. They understand that their own joy and happiness aren’t isolated phenomena. They aren’t purely chemicals in the body. In fact, these chemicals in the body are released in response to this high-vibration energy field. And if you’re feeling it, the people around you will be feeling it too, should they be open to it.

In alignment with this field, life is abundant with synchronicity, fortune, soul-deep power and an abundance of “lucky” coincidences (which are really pieces of this energy field magnetically coming together). As opposed to the fear, scarcity, and futile force of 3D, and the courageous power of 4D to get shit done and make things happen.

5D-aligned people demand no system but God’s. They idolize no mortal human. Personal will plays a part in how their life goes, but it’s a light nudge at this level of consciousness, compared to the effortful push in 4D, and the all-out sprint in 3D. God and Divinity create their reality, with just the right events at just the right times. All a 5D person needs to receive good luck, good fortune, or Faith in the face of impossible odds, is an open heart. Fate takes care of the rest.

5D-consciousness people believe Flow is effortless and comes from inner alignment. It’s an abundant energy that can be tapped into simply by knowing it exists, whereas a 4D person perceives Flow as a state of mind, and a 3D person believes that all work should be tough, and no pain means no gain.

TFW no gf?

3D: It’s because you’re not the type of guy girls want. If you were higher-value, they’d be attracted to you.

4D: It’s because your game’s off point, and if you act better around women, you’ll do better with women.

5D: It’s because you can’t get with girls who are misaligned with your higher self, and by avoiding getting with these girls, you’re being saved for girls who are in alignment with you.

Tough time getting work done or achieving your goals or manifesting your dreams?

3D: It’s because you’re not working hard enough. You need to work longer hours, push through more pain, take on more tasks, and put in more effort to make your dreams real.

4D: It’s because you’re not working smart enough. You need to learn new skills, implement better habits, and refine your mindsets so the work process is easier on you, and you have a better idea of what actions will truly make your dreams real.

5D: It’s because you have a poor sense of your deepest desires. Take one second to align yourself with your highest joy, then the action you must take to make your dreams real will flow easily and naturally from that state of being, if any deliberate action is indeed required.

Why do you go to the gym?

3D: Because I want to be more jacked, stronger, faster than the other guys.

4D: Because I want to be my most capable, highest self, and that means taking care of my body as well as learning how it works.

5D: Because this is how I show my body love and keep it functioning optimally as a vessel for my soul.

People on the lower end of 5D are high-performers in life who’ve decided to be completely fearless and shameless, to do it all for Love. To lean primarily on the guidance of their Intuition and the power of the Most High, rather than on their worldly mind.

People on the higher end of 5D view life as a play, as a game, as one realm and one story of infinite possibilities. Their perception penetrates people to the soul, and reminds us that the body and the mind are only possessions of ours, and our true self comes from a higher Source than anything worldly. Becoming someone new is futile, but becoming a better version of yourself is as simple as playing a new character in this life. Every day is a day you can be your best self, and joy is our birthright. You don’t have to earn it or work for it. Simply feel into it.

5D-consciousness people feel this flow of Love near-constantly. Rarely are they manic and jumpy about it, but you do see it in their bright eyes, radiant skin, and warm, shameless demeanor.

5D isn’t a painless, eternally blissful state of consciousness though. It doesn’t make you all-knowing or stop you from making any mistakes in life, or stop you from experiencing pains and losses.

Rather, your relationship to these natural downs of life changes. Instead of resisting them or wallowing in them or overanalyzing them, you allow them to be as they are. The more you allow them to be as they are, the quicker they dissolve. You don’t identify with those downs, nor the ups that follow them. However painful or pleasant they are.

You identify primarily with your heart and soul, your eternal self beneath your behaviors and appearances and attachments.

Spirituality circles idealize this non-attachment as enlightenment, but in their lower-consciousness, misconstrue it as a license to destroy and release the material aspects of their life, which is only a mockery of 5D living. It’s attachment to non-attachment, ironically enough. True 5D-consciousness people still appreciate having cool stuff. They still appreciate doing worldly things and exploring the material and intellectual realms.

But if they lose it all today, so what? They hold their life’s components lightly, and understand that death is life, and life is death. Every “loss” is actually a victory. If a 5D-consciousness person feels like shite, if something goes horribly wrong in their life, that’s not a problem to be fixed or complained about or commentated on or escaped – IT’S INTERESTING. It’s an opportunity to explore an interesting story, to be the main character of their own life facing an interesting trial, instead of being bored with 24/7 happiness and bliss and comfort.

6D – The realm between realms

Very few people will experience 6D consciousness during their lifetime. Far fewer than 1000 people currently on this Earth have experienced a 700-1000 energy field as their core vibration, which is where I personally understand 6D consciousness to be.

The reason being, very few people can make practical use of a 700+ energy field on this Earth. Mother Teresa was in the 700s. Jesus Christ was at 1000. These people are outliers with very specific God-given roles to play. For the average enlightenment-seeking individual, maintaining a 700+ state isn’t their edge. They incarnated onto this Earth to experience 3D and possibly 4D or 5D. 6D for them can wait until the celestial realm between mortal lifetimes.

Not to say they can’t experience glimpses of 6D once in a long while, but it’s challenging to get Earthly things done if you’re blissed out and viewing multiple dimensions at once 24/7. Lower energy fields aren’t “bad”, they’re practical and useful, and at the very worst, interesting.

If you identify with the body at 200, you identify with the mind at 400, and you identify with the soul at 600, then at 700, you identify with THE VOID between matter.

At 800, you are the spontaneous unfolding of reality itself.

At 900, you’re basically this annoying guy:

The higher you rise in consciousness, the less you seek to intellectually understand reality. WHAT EVERYTHING IS speaks for itself.

Flow is the very source of life and existence itself, in 6D. Not simply a mindset or an energy. That’s as best as I can explain it in words.

3D consciousness sees reality as a purely material survival-realm, 4D consciousness intellectually explains the machinations of reality and courageously “works the system”, and 5D consciousness sees reality as a scripted, well-directed stage play.

6D consciousness sees reality as the stage play AND for what it is backstage. Celestial realms are a fact of life, not solely a cool concept to explore. Your soul can visit alternate universes simply by giving attention to them (your physical body stays in this one though; your soul doesn’t want to abandon your life path here). Differences and separations and polarities become incomprehensible, as every energy field of every level becomes one.

In 6D, you can go from feeling your highest joy to feeling your lowest fear in seconds. You even perceive them as ONE, not as separate polarities or locations on a spectrum. This isn’t a level of consciousness for the weak-spirited to explore.

Where’s your edge?

You’re not better than someone in 3D or 4D, if you’re in 5D or 6D. You’re simply aligned with a different field of consciousness and level of energy. You still have problems and you still have challenges, and not only in this dimension. You simply have a different perspective on your problems and challenges.

Before you start idealizing 5D or 6D consciousness as the solution to all your life’s problems and challenges, and frantically asking me how to get up there, know this…

5D+ consciousness is not a panacea for fixing all your life’s lacks.

Consider these levels of energy as a multi-storey house, not as separate houses. They’re also not clean-cut and separate; They’re a gradient. Upper 3D and lower 4D are very much alike. Upper 4D and lower 5D are very much alike. 300 and 500 are only approximations of where transition through these dimensions takes place, not solid lines.

There is no point wearing rags and blissing out 24/7 if your body’s in bad shape, you have no marketable skills, and are prey to promises of a quick-fix in life. There’s no point spending your time reading and intellectualizing if you can’t pay your rent on time and are crushed by your trauma. If you’re seeking effortless bliss with no practical plans for yourself, you’re not enlightened. You’re useless. You need to get down to work and put EFFORT into your life to progress spiritually.

And if you’re seeking to rely purely on God and Fate to get your life somewhere far better, yet you don’t intellectually understand the machinations of WHY that should happen, and you still have scarcity mindsets and limiting beliefs holding you back… You still have some work in 4D left to do before you can embrace your full power in 5D.

Which dimension do you need to explore to become your next-highest self?

Maybe it’s 3D.

I personally had 5D-awareness my first couple years of high school – I was loving, open-hearted, and could feel God in my life. But my body was scrawny and weak. I wasn’t very socially skilled and had many intellectual blind spots holding me back from worldly success, pure-hearted as I was. I was even considering kmsing myself just because it would have made an interesting story.

My 5D-consciousness was on a shaky foundation. My life-story had jumped the shark a long while ago.

Personal growth for me back then meant GIVING UP 5D and testing my limits in the 3D-world. Lifting weights, wearing nicer clothes, and improving my looks. Learning all the unwritten social rules and codes of the 3D-world; giving up being a free spirit to see how well I could “fit in”. Doing my best to rise up in the systems and merit-based hierarchies.

I loved those days of my life, and I look back at them fondly. If I didn’t descend in consciousness and experience all the challenges and frustrations of 3D-life, I would have missed so many valuable lessons and experiences that have taught me how the world works and have shaped me as a man. I had to go through the grind to transcend the grind, and build up a solid foundation for my 4D-awareness.

Now, maybe 4D is your edge. If you’ve “maxed yourself out” in 3D, if despite all your wins and advantages, you’re sick of the constant power-struggles and the endless need to acquire more experiences and things and labels, if you want to be valued for more than just your body and resources and social connections…

It’s time for you to explore the intellectual realm. Mindset. Goals. Action.

Knowledge is power.

You rise higher in 3D through HARD WORK. Putting in effort to build yourself up materially. Acquiring assets. Building your value. 3D-consciousness’ dating coaches preach “just be a high-value man bro !!!!” as gospel. Because their 3D-consciousness audience needs to be reminded of exactly this; These guys are living in pure fear and pure scarcity. They need to be reminded to stop being pussies, and to start having some pride and aggression.

Being “high-value” is not enough to get you quality in 4D.

You rise higher in 4D through SMART WORK.

The more you know, the more deep and nuanced your understanding of life is, the more you turn this knowledge into REAL-WORLD ACTION, the more powerful you are in 4D.

3D has clear-cut winners and losers.

4D has only winners and people yet to win.

So if 4D is your edge, your current calling is to clearly define your goals in life. What action steps can you implement to make them real? What fears are holding you back from taking this action, and are you ready to face them head-on? If you decide not to be courageous, to give into this fear instead of opening yourself to it, you will not make any progress in 4D. You’ll stay where you are for the rest of your life.

Then once you’ve “maxed out” your 4D knowledge-acquisition, and you’ve taken all the possible action you can take, with nowhere left to go in this realm… Maybe 5D will call out to you. Maybe it won’t. 😉


Whatever path you’re on in life. Whichever dimensions of consciousness you’re called to explore. Own it. Ask yourself what your next step is, and take it.

I work with guys right at the summit of 3D-consciousness who are ready to leave the zero-sum games in the past and move forward to a more empowering life, and driven, ambitious guys in 4D who want to know exactly what actions and mindsets they can take on to succeed, especially with the ladies 😉

Guys in 5D and 6D, I don’t know if they’d need a mentor like me, but if they’re down for it…


See me here when you’re ready to progress spiritually and sexually, quicker than ever before.

– Ben

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