How manifestation really works

Have you ever seen someone break a wine glass with their voice? Singing a note at just the right frequency resonating with the glass, causing it to crack?

I personally think throwing the glass at a wall is a much more efficient way to break it, but you do you.

Still, you can see the effects of RESONANCE everywhere around you. Every moment of every day.

Trashy, low self-esteem men dating trashy, low self-esteem women.

People with victim mindsets leading miserable, conflict-filled lives that give them more reasons to be a victim.

Loving, open-hearted people ending up in loving, open-hearted relationships.

Hateful, low-vibration people congregating into online mobs while loving people of integrity are off doing more productive things with their lives that actually benefit humanity.

This is largely because of the levels of energy. High-vibration people attract high-vibration experiences. Mid-vibration people attract mid-vibration experiences. Low-vibration people attract low-vibration experiences. This appears to be luck or coincidence or levels of societal privilege in 3D-consciousness, or a predictable sequence of events in 4D-consciousness, but if you understand the energy fields this world is comprised of, you know our lives are a self-inflicted Fate we all give to ourselves.

Now, this doesn’t mean a low-consciousness person can’t feel positive emotions, nor that a high-consciousness person can’t feel negative emotions. We’re all human. We all have good days and bad days. But what level of consciousness we’re on determines HOW these things affect us. The same boiling water that hardens an egg softens pasta. I wish I came up with a more badass analogy than that, but we’ll roll with it.

On my 24th birthday, I was a victim of housing fraud. I thought I was going to be moving into a new apartment and everything was gonna be fine and dandy.

But sadly, things weren’t fine and dandy. My pride blinded me to WHY I was really drawn to that apartment. It turned out I was moving in there on fraudulent terms, and the leasing company staff weren’t kind people.

I decided I’d rather take my chances with temporary homelessness than do business with those ugly repulsive fucks, so I lost my entire wardrobe and every other material item I didn’t have on me at the time. All I had left was one set of clothes, a watch, my computer, my phones and wallet and earphones, a couple chargers, all my IDs and data backups (thank fuck I keep both of those in the same case), a lock, and my backpack.

I felt it coming on my way to the leasing office. I knew I was about to go through something interesting. I unconsciously, intuitively knew I’d made some poor decisions, and was about to pay the price.

And thus, I celebrated my 24th birthday by myself, trying to fall asleep on a concrete staircase, praying to God, thanking him for my life and the trial I was facing. Then I had a laugh with him over it. When the sun came up the next day, I showed up to my favorite cafe in Miami to pull a shift working on business stuff, then to an 8-hour shift at my day job on barely any sleep from the street, with a smile on my face.

I then checked into a hostel and lived there for a month before I found myself a more stable living arrangement in Nashville. I replaced my wardrobe and everything else I’d “lost” soon after I moved there.

This was a painful, uncomfortable experience. Yet the whole time, I was fully aware – I manifested it. I unconsciously, on a soul-level, decided to go through it. And I knew – whatever happens, I’ll survive, I’ll thrive, I’ll feel more alive. I was more concerned about whether I was going to wear a cool cap and a badass longcoat ever again than about my well-being.

This struggle, as with all the ones I’ve experienced, didn’t make me a better man. Rather, it REVEALED what kind of man I really am. I never cried or complained. I never cursed the people who put me through it. I took extreme ownership for my part in manifesting it. I took extreme ownership for my actions, mindsets, and personal growth every step of the way.

And indeed, I grew.

My pride faded. It took me sleeping on the street to realize how much damage I was doing to my integrity by thinking I knew better than other people about how they should live their lives, making toxic friends I’d attempt to save through my “advice”, creating a chain of events, an energy field that culminated in me losing my favorite coat. I killed my pride and never made another toxic friend ever since. I realized thinking I’m better than others, that I know more than them about life, is futile. And the most loving thing I can do for a miserable person is fuck off away from them and leave them to make their own decisions.

They have full authority over creating their reality. I have full authority over creating mine. Most people, with or without integrity, aren’t consciously aware that everything you radiate, you receive.

You can OBSERVE things that aren’t aligned with your levels of energy, but only things on your frequency can AFFECT you.

I’m a high-vibration guy, yet I still encounter depressing stories, outrage media, and overall shitty people every time I use the Internet. I still get down on myself sometimes. I still have bad habits to overcome, especially excessive alcohol use. This is fine. I’m an imperfect person living on an Earth that’s far from perfect. My life would be extremely boring if I had it all figured out with nothing left to learn.

Yet because of my levels of energy, these things don’t significantly affect my life. I forget hateful things as soon as I see them. A couple sleeps after a heavy drinking sesh, I’m firing on all cylinders again. I treat people well and approach them with genuine curiosity and appreciation, and thus, I attract situations where people treat me with the same curious and appreciative energy, while repelling closed-off, manipulative people.

I used to work retail, and not once did I ever have a customer be rude to me in any way. I’ve heard my fair share of customer service horror stories, and yet I’ve never lived one.

The one time I’ve had a serious issue finding a good place to live, it became an interesting story and a rite of passage into my manhood I look back on fondly. Every other time I’ve been apartment-hunting, I found the perfect place for me at the perfect time.

And every day, my life gets more joyful, abundant, hopeless, and high-energy.

I’m not special, privileged, uniquely fortunate, or uniquely radiant for attracting these sorts of experiences as I currently am. There’s times in my life I’ve carried or been swimming in low-vibration energy fields, and have consequently attracted terrifying, hopeful, infuriating, low-vibration experiences. This Earth has an infinite amount of positive and negative experiences you could potentially manifest.

I’m simply consciously aware of energy fields, and understand my roles and responsibilities in manifesting my reality.

Just like a wine glass can only be cracked by a note on its frequency, nothing can crack you if you’re not in resonance with it.

cat what did u do ??

Everything in life that touches you deeply, easily, naturally, is something you’re in resonance with. Abuse has only cracked me when I’ve been abusive to myself. Girl problems have only cracked me when I’ve been lustful. Grief has only cracked me when I’ve decided to value my past more than my present. And sleeping on the street didn’t crack me at all.

So if you’re feeling negative, lacking, unsuccessful no matter how much work or effort you put into your life, I’m about to make you the next victim of my Savior complex 😉

How to manifest the life of your dreams

People often get into manifestation, self-improvement, dating, spirituality, and various failing or failed life-goals for simple, effortful reasons.

Frustration. Incompleteness. Lack.

Which only attract more frustration, incompleteness, and lack. An energy field can only attract more of its own. Being NEEDY or LACKING in relation to your dream body, career, lifestyle, friends, or partner will only ever manifest more neediness and lack. You will not get these things as long as you take them seriously.

People put themselves through unnecessary pain thinking it’ll pay off. Dating people who “make them” miserable and anxious, doing work that “makes them” miserable and anxious, treating themselves to suffering and pain because for some reason, they assume negativity and positivity are equally powerful opposites instead of a weak and a strong density of energy.

I can tell you that every good, awesome thing I’ve ever brought into my life has come effortlessly. Attaining it was extremely easy.

That’s not to say these things never involved work or challenge or a process of improvement, which they usually did. Just that the process was enjoyable, not something I dragged myself through. I never forced it nor suffered through it.

Nor that negative feelings are “bad”. They simply indicate something/someone is wrong for your higher self, and you will experience more of this feeling if you push yourself further into them.

I’ve never had a “motivation issue” in my life. Not with the gym. Not with work or school. Not with going out and meeting people. Not with anything girl-related.

I go to the gym because I enjoy lifting weights.

I create things I enjoy creating.

I talk to people I enjoy talking to.

I approach girls I enjoy approaching.

Whereas every time I’ve FORCED my way through something – an exercise at the gym that doesn’t work well with my body type, creating something that felt tedious, trying to befriend boring or malicious people, or approaching a girl misaligned with me… I’ve been frustrated. It hasn’t become anything but a lesson learnt in what NOT to do with myself, in what ways of being NOT to correspond with. Since that’s how manifestation really works.

You don’t manifest anything you affirm, want, wish for, lust for, or think constantly about.

You manifest everything you correspond to. Everything you align with. Everything you love and desire. Everything that’s FUN for you to do.

There is no “trick” or “hack” to getting better at manifestation. There is only responsibility. Responsibility for being the version of yourself that corresponds to your wants. The version of yourself who radiates exactly what (s)he wishes to receive.

Understanding this alone, you can take back power over creating your life. Take back soul-deep responsibility over creating your life.

Learning to correspond to something new is as simple as consciously shifting your feelings. “Changing the channel”, in an energetic sense. Your emotions are how your body processes and interprets energy fields, so if you learn to feel like you ALREADY HAVE something, and take responsibility for giving it love and full-body attention, you’ll be tuning into an energy field where the thing corresponds with you.

And “when”, “how”, “why” the thing shows up in your 3D-life becomes laughable. You stop waiting for it to show up “someday”. It shows up in your life at the perfect time, because it’s already fulfilling you timelessly.

If you’re waiting, asking God/Fate/The Universe “when” something will come to you, “how” to get it… You’re not going to manifest it as long as you radiate these feelings. You’ll stay on the sidelines as everyone else around you seemingly gets it, while you don’t.

Manifestation is not a process of learning to be complete with “or” without something you desire. You don’t deny your desires, nor force yourself to be “happy without” something you desire. Denying your desires or trying to be “happy without” them only orients your being more strongly around that LACK.

Proper manifestation means being happy WITH AND WITHOUT something, not feeling the separation of “I do/don’t have the thing” anymore. Instead, feeling your being WITH AND WITHOUT something as one and the same.

Everyone manifests their lives unconsciously based on the energies they radiate outward. Your reality is not something that happens to you, but within you.

It’s HILARIOUS seeing broken, unfeminine, selfish women demand everything from a man while giving no femininity and no generosity to the world, and ending up only with trashy, weak, emotionally-unavailable men, then having the audacity to complain the MEN are the problem. When truly, if a woman like this asked herself “what can I do to meet a man’s deepest needs? what can I do to make HIS LIFE better?”, and lived up to it, she would end up in an enriching relationship with a high-quality man quickly and naturally.

It’s also hilarious in hindsight understanding why every girl I was interested in last summer had a boyfriend. I was going for these young, snatched-up-quickly girls because I believed these were the only types of high-quality girls out there. They were all bonded to their high school sweetheart or college sweetheart because I was regretful over not having a gal like that back in the day.

I don’t personally worry about shit like “red flags” or “vetting” when I date or meet girls. I have no fear of being fucked over by a low-quality girl, since I don’t energetically resonate with them. I know that if I go on a date that ends in the shitter, something integrity-lacking about ME created it, or it’s me experiencing Karma for something I’VE DONE in the past. I know if a girl makes me feel anxious or worse about myself, this is my bodymind telling me she’s wrong for me, not that I’m a shitty person.

You can apply this way of thinking any time something undesirable happens to you. Or THROUGH YOU, more like it.

What about YOU corresponds to it? It didn’t accidentally happen to you, ya know.

Manifestation and flow

Getting into a Flow State is pretty easy for me these days.

I spent much of 2022 studying Flow States. I know how they feel, but what causes them? How can I trigger one every day of my life? How can I be in Flow 24/7?

I don’t have a perfect answer yet. All I can offer you is my best guess, which is paying off for me these days.

I stopped taking life seriously, and learnt to PLAY again.

What do you think will happen if you stop taking your “problems” seriously?

When we’re young, in 3D-consciousness, being guided through life by 3D-consciousness adults, we’re taught that our lives are at the mercy of outside mortal authority.

We make friends by being “cool”, by “fitting in” to the culture or the counter-culture.

We get jobs by impressing hiring managers with our resumes and the right answers to their interview questions. But first, we need to go to school and get our degrees by impressing our teachers and professors with our grades.

We get sexual access to attractive people by being good-looking and high-status, saying the right things, and giving them the right balance of attention and distance.

We take other people’s authority over our lives seriously.

When the truth is, a mortal girl or guy doesn’t have any power over how deserving you are of sex and love. A mortal hiring manager doesn’t have any power over whether you get to be purposeful and make money. A mortal man’s judgement cannot crack you if you’re out of resonance with it.

But you know what, I think it’s proper that we all “descend” from the imaginative bliss and ignorance of our childhoods like this, and throw ourselves against the “real world”, forgetting the real power of our imagination and joy, to test our limits in the lifestyle of a supposedly “mature” adult.

Just like any respectable martial artist will teach you that you learn to fight so you never have to fight anyone… And de-escalation is more effective than violence…

I believe that you need to “pay your dues” in fake-maturity, taking adult life seriously, before you can gain soul-deep power over your life. You learn to build up your competence in the serious things so you never have to take life seriously ever again.

This is a fun game to play, and you can’t fully transcend it until you GIT GUD at it. We all came to Earth to go through our edge in 3D-consciousness, and to forget our power in 5D and above. Even I, who reached a 5D-level of consciousness my second semester of high school, and kept it up all through the rest of my freshman year, and all through my sophomore year, decided to forget 5D and descend to 3D again, because I still had many edges there left to explore.

(click here for a refresher on the 3D-6D densities of reality)

Some of us never grow out of fake-maturity. Some of us never rediscover our joy and passion. And that’s okay. There are many possible paths we can take in life, and you can take it seriously while still living a good one. You’ll still manifest everything that’s right for you, only much more slowly.

But I personally am not here to lecture you on the basics of fitness, work ethic, and relationships.

I’m here for the people who’ve already put themselves through the grind, had their wins, and are now asking “what else is out there?”

There’s a lot out there. If you’re ready to make the jump into 4D, I’m a superb guide. From 4D to 5D also. I’m still working on my edge in 5D, and maybe I’ll have more of them in 3D and 4D in the future, who knows? I sure don’t, since the future is constantly in flux.

So if your future’s not entirely fated, how do you most effectively shift your future to an extremely fulfilling, extremely abundant one?

Get in Flow.

Rediscover your idealistic joy and your lust for life in the present. Now. Know it’s your birthright and most natural state, not something you need to earn or work for or wait for. The frustrations of “mature” adult life are you RESISTING this, not being better than it.

The stars will never align in a certain way, triggering a chain of events that finally gets you everything you lust for. There is no fated day God and your higher self have pre-planned for certain things in your life to FINALLY turn around.

As long as you’re waiting for something to happen, you’ll be waiting for something to happen.

Feeling joy, light and pleasant tension, Flow, a lust for life…

This needs to be a prerequisite to you taking meaningful action, not the expected result.

An energy field can only attract more of its own. As I can tell you from years of experience, pushing through lust and frustration, taking action in hopes of getting well-being through it, will only lead to more reasons to be lustful and frustrated.

You not having these things you supposedly “want” is a good thing. Your lust and frustration about them is a reflection of their value to you, not your value to them. You don’t actually deeply desire them. If you did, you’d be attracting them. On the same frequency as them. Capable of touching and cracking and dancing with each other. Effortlessly. Naturally. Now.

Stop taking them seriously.

Stop taking the future love of your life seriously. Stop taking that hot girl you’re considering approaching seriously. Stop taking fellow flawed mortals and the lifestyle you want with them seriously. Stop taking money seriously. Stop taking your looks seriously.

Why are you taking them seriously? Why are you (un)consciously making them responsible for your flow states?

Why don’t you PLAY with them? Treat you being WITH AND WITHOUT them as a fun game?

As someone who used to treat dating like a “numbers game”, approaching hot girl after hot girl hoping one of them will be a hit instead of a miss… I never got the girls I was hoping to impress. The girls I got were the girls I had FUN with, every step of the way. The first approach was easy and fun. Getting them smiling and laughing was easy and fun.

Now if I see a girl who I think is hot but don’t feel like I’ll have fun approaching, I enjoy the sexual tension she creates in my body, and separate that feeling from her. Instead, I have faith this feeling will attract to me a girl more aligned with me. I play with the horny feelings in my body instead of taking them or the girl seriously. If I really desired her super deeply, I’d have already approached her.

Same thing for work. Every project I’ve created and ENJOYED the process of has held up over the years. Everything I’ve created hoping it was gonna make me money, going through the motions, has turned out lame and draining.

Anyhoo, dear reader. Let’s close this piece off.

Whether or not this article made complete sense to you, I hope it gave you a better mood, a greater sense of responsibility for your own needs, or just something to think about.

Giving up your childhood naivete and revolving your life around more “realistic” things was a proper step forward for you. You needed to grow up, to leave innocence behind and develop adult survival skills. To sharpen your edge with the worldly things.

But you don’t need to experience the same fate most adults do, where we spend the rest of our lives treating our existence like it’s a survival-game. Thinking our jobs, the superficialities of our looks and lifestyles, and our sex lives are the only things we’re good for.

You don’t have to take your friend Sarah with the slowly wrinkling face’s relationship drama seriously as you listen to her yammer on about it, politely smiling and nodding.

You don’t have to listen to online doomer-posting shoddily attempting to predict the future, thinking someday in the future, the stars will align a certain way, or a certain energy will wash over this Earth, or powerful people will do powerful things that’ll change it all for you. Stop hoping for a better, more abundant future. Stop hoping for an apocalypse or a big worldwide energy shift.

Abandon all hope.

You don’t have to fear a mortal human’s “power” ever again, over your finances or social status or emotions. YOU are the sole authority, the soul-authority over how your life goes, your value as a person, and over what gets to crack you or enliven you. No celebrity, public figure, glamorous social media star, happily married couple, or genetically/socially/materially blessed person has any more or less access to life’s infinite abundance than you do. Every day of your life is an opportunity to change your frequency, to resist less, to open your heart to more, and be the version of yourself who corresponds to your deepest desires, and thus, lets them naturally flow in.

You can try falling asleep on a concrete staircase, using your backpack as a pillow, not knowing whether you’ll be sleeping under a roof the next day or not, and STILL find joy and fun and happiness through it, as I proved a bit over a year ago. I didn’t take that “problem” seriously, therefore it didn’t crack me. I didn’t ask God “why me?” when I was praying there. I just had a laugh with him over it.

If you knew the true extent of your soul-deep power, you’d be complaining less. You’d be criticizing the world less. You’d be hoping, waiting, and looking outside yourself less. You’d be smiling more. You’d be laughing more. You’d relax and let the infinite Flow of Life take care of all your “problems” instead of rejecting them through futile force.

If that’s how you’d prefer to live, you can come see me in coaching.

My clients make massive sexual and spiritual gains in a matter of months, not solely because I explain to them how men and women work, and what actions and mindsets they can take on to make their dreams real…

But because they get into energetic RESONANCE with whoever’s best for them 😉

Click here if that’s for you.

Hoo rah,

– Ben

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