How to be irresistibly attractive to everything you want

I never got guys results back when I was coaching them.

They would have gotten the same wins without me, just later in life.

If I claimed that I as an individual was the cause of their gains in fitness, health, sex, and relationships, I’d be lying. I’d be prideful. I’d be taking credit for something I didn’t actually do, but was only the conduit for.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a fantastic coach. I knew how success works, and I got my clients conscious of it too. The real reason they had their wins wasn’t because I was fantastic.

My clients got their wins because THEY were fantastic.

My advice and my exercises have never worked more than temporarily for guys unwilling to have the level of energy and responsibility they demand. I can’t violate someone’s free will, not even with love or altruism. I can’t trick someone into happiness and improvement. Not even if it could be the difference between their life and death, their prosperity or their misfortune.

As for the guys who WERE willing to raise their level of energy and responsibility around me, guess what they’ve gotten.

Some very interesting, very pleasant things is what. 😉

I want to write more about the esoteric, but first, I’m dedicating this blog to everything about my coaching that worked. I don’t want all the learning I did and the skills I cultivated in pursuit of being the best dating/relationship coach in the world to go to waste. I’m not keeping this gold to myself. It’s abundant, and I want it to improve people’s lives, even if I’m not charging 4 figures for it anymore.

Let’s talk about the REAL cause of success. It’s actually far easier and more effortless than most people think. All it requires is responsibility on your part.

I’m a fortunate guy. Not accidentally or coincidentally. Ever since high school, I’ve understood how and why some people magnetically attract all of life’s gifts, while some people absolutely repel them.

I’ll tell you why I’ve never been in financial scarcity, have an extremely easy time attracting girls for sex, and have exceptional health and fitness.

My level of consciousness.

I’m quite familiar with and immersed in high-consciousness energy fields (where abundance and success are mundane facts of life), and I’ve rarely ever had long stays in low-consciousness energy fields (where life’s gifts are scarce and require futile force to attain even a scrap of).

Logically understanding how success works is good, but it’s never EFFECTIVE unless your energy body vibrates at the frequency of success.

Want good sex? Radiate the energy good sex is attracted to.

Want money? Radiate the energy money is attracted to.

Want exceptional health and fitness? That starts WITHIN, not with a workout program or a diet or a supplement.

My advice only worked wonders because of the field of consciousness it came from, the energy it was charged with. Then my clients tuned into that frequency too.

Every good thing and every bad thing in this world is attracted to something.

Fuckable people are attracted to sexual energy.

Unfuckable people are attracted to sexual depolarization.

Money is attracted to joy and happiness, and repelled by those who radiate lack and sadness.

Muscle and fitness are attracted to people who enjoy tension. People who hate tension are in mediocre or decent shape at best. Never in exceptional shape.

Healthy relationships are attracted to people who treat people well, including themselves. Toxic relationships are attracted to people who treat others poorly, including themselves.

Power is attracted to people who live truthfully. Powerlessness is attracted to people who believe falsehood.

Understand? Everything in this world corresponds to something. Everything in this world has its counterpart. To attract something into your life, you must simply become its counterpart. Radiate the energy it’s attracted to.

That’s how manifestation really works.

The physique, the career, the money, and the people who are truly yours are always yours, even if you’re on opposite ends of an Earth. All it takes to get them is to recognize their frequency, then wait for Divine Timing to do its thing.

The two Planet Earths

If there’s one thing I wish I understood in my early young adulthood that would have saved me a lot of pain and trauma and misalignment, it’s the Levels of Energy. I already knew to take personal responsibility for radiating what I want to receive, but I didn’t understand how to do the same to repel life’s unwanted, negative things.

I (like most people) falsely believed low-consciousness energy fields had true power, not that they’re actually comically weak and incapable of creating reality.

The only thing that truly divides us as humans is our consciousness. Nothing racial, socioeconomic, sexual, religious, ideological, or cultural can possibly divide us, unless we’re in low states of consciousness. Mid-high states of consciousness appreciate differences and diversity in all ways. Low states of consciousness criticize and attempt to change them.

The human race doesn’t live on one Planet Earth, but two.

I’ll refer to these as the Integrous Earth, and the Non-Integrous Earth.

These two planets are separate places existing in separate dimensions, though they frequently intersect, giving the illusion that they’re one planet. Residents of one Earth can observe the other with perfect accuracy, though we’re incapable of interacting with the one we don’t live on, with some exceptions.

To fully understand the separation between these two Earths, you need to understand the Levels of Energy, which I’ve written multiple articles about.

The following section is copy/pasted from “The vibrations of the dating world”:

You can measure energy fields numerically. This is only one way of seeing the world, yet this scale has been extremely useful to me, and hopefully it will be the same to you:

Energy from 0-100 is shameful, apathetic, grieving, fearful. People in these fields have let their life go to shit, and see little hope in things getting better. They have no power and no agency over their life. Their existence is at the whim of everything supposedly oppressing them. They’re VICTIMS and nothing else. They are their trauma and nothing else. They live in the past and can’t remember the last time they were truly happy.

100-199: Here, you’ll find lust, anger, complaint, and pride. People in these fields have some agency over life, but it’s weak. They can only be strong if they’re taking from someone else. They try to gain power over the world through manipulation and status games – whoever’s different from them is a bad person, or simply inferior to them for whatever reason.

A vibration of 200 is the threshold of integrity. People in the low 200s are benign and useful, good people who create the practicalities of our society – buildings, tools, machines, food, services – systems that keep our world running smoothly. They work hard, they hang out with their friends, they start families, they go on vacation to escape life. People in the high 200s are more goal-oriented – interested in individual achievement, but still the practical creators of society, still bound by the system. This isn’t a bad thing. Everything that vibrates at or above 200 is beneficial to humanity, whether it’s mainstream or free-spirited.

The 300s are the domain of success and achievement. People in these fields care about setting goals, working hard, and working smart. Being a cut above all the rest, not in a prideful 190 sort of way. They understand that the more they self-develop and share their knowledge, the more the entire world improves. They seek success out of altruism and for self-development’s sake, not to simply crush the competition and win the spoils. These people are courageous, conscientious, and warm-hearted. They’re usually businesspeople, successful athletes, investors, and high performers in the working world.

The 400s are intellectual, rational, logical. People in these fields care about deeply understanding and explaining the world for its own sake, and creating something useful of that knowledge. Scientific discoveries that change the world, brilliant and complex inventions, and deep nuanced philosophy are all pieces of this field.

The 500s are the domain of love and spirituality. Here, a true connection to the Divine begins and God’s will becomes more important than one’s own. People in these energy fields care for seeing beyond the material and intellectual, into the spiritual. Beautiful art, music, stories, and films all come from this field.

600 and above, this is beyond the scope of what I want to achieve with this article.

Recommended reading for more nuance about these distinctions in energy fields: Levels of Energy by Frederick Dodson (one of my all-time favorite reads) and Power Vs Force by David Hawkins. Both of these books give fantastic explanations of the energy fields this scale measures.

The vibrational frequency of 200 separates our two Earths. It’s not so much a level of energy, as it is a border, like two countries would have.

And right beneath that is 190, the frequency and Reality of Pride. On Non-Integrous Earth, Pride is the highest aspiration, the highest level of energy. On Integrous Earth, Pride is the highest circle of Hell. Aspiring towards it drains your energy and your power.

A life of Pride is basically you telling the world: “I have this. You don’t have this. I’m better than you because I have it.”

A low-vibration life revolves around controlling resources. Money. Status. Your sex. Having full integrity makes you LEAVE the low-vibration Earth, which is why low-vibration people are scared to have integrity. They falsely believe it leads to DEATH, not Life. They’re terrified to leave the only Earth they’re familiar with. They can’t perceive the Integrous Earth. They don’t have even a scrap of a suspicion that an Integrous Earth exists. It’s impossible to know what integrity feels like if you’ve never had it.

On Non-Integrous Earth, men and women are two hiveminds with all the same goals and biological, sexual imperatives, not unique individuals with unique personalities. Their sex lives are a war game. Men VS Women. Whoever best withholds their sex and their energy wins. Whoever gives the other sex access to their sex too easily loses. That’s why low-vibration people’s dating lives revolve around putting up barriers to intimacy, sexual and emotional. They have literally nothing of value to offer a potential partner besides a caricature of their sexual roles. The men of NI-Earth are only good for their social status and the resources they control. Women can’t love them, and they only get with those men because it’s the difference between feeling safe and provided for, or lost in the wilderness, ready to die. The women are only good for being sex objects and workhorses, and men who actively try to get with them are creepy weird potential rapists, unless they’re sexually selected by the female hivemind.

If you still don’t believe me, go to any frat or sorority house ever and try telling the boys or the girls there apart. Look at how laughably fearful and convoluted NI-Earth’s dating advice is. Everything I’m saying here is exactly how life works on NI-Earth, not an absolute truth or absolute falsehood.

The winners there are people who have things. The losers there are people who don’t have things. Including “wisdom”, which I put in quotation marks for good reason. It’s false “wisdom”, even when it’s technically true.

Even when a low-vibration person’s “wisdom” or “advice” is logically correct, it’s energetically uncharged. To them, knowledge is just another arms race of social status. They don’t seek knowledge to improve themselves or the world like an integrous person would, but rather to feel superior for having it, as just another way to win the “I have this, you don’t have this” game.

Low-vibration people are also slowly decaying, on their way to death. If a person vibrating at 300+ makes unbroken eye contact with a purely 190-vibration person for 3 minutes, the low-vibration person will either temporarily ascend to 200 to preserve their life, or literally DIE. This is because falsehood always dies around Truth, so people living lives of pure falsehood should expect the same.

About 25% of people on these two Earths are in 4D or 5D-consciousness, which are energy fields of pure positivity, 300+. Another 25% exist purely on Non-Integrous Earth. They don’t carry any frequencies above 190. About 50% of people are capable of choosing between these two Earths. They vibrate purely in the 200s (integrous 3D-consciousness), perhaps with some pockets of <200 energy, or temptations to have it.

That’s because our two Earths are a place souls come to to be able to CHOOSE between good and bad, to choose which Earth they want to live on: The positive one or the negative one. Some people are souls from lower realms who’ve been given the chance to cultivate energy and integrity. Some people are souls who’ve descended from higher realms to experience the fun game of human life.

Some people exist only on one Earth, and some people exist on BOTH these Earths. These are people who have only high-vibration or low-vibration energy, and people who have both high and low-vibration energy, respectively.

Since I-Earth and NI-Earth are two different places in two different dimensions, only the parts of you that exist (or attempt to exist despite your frequencies being entirely above 200) on NI-Earth can be harmed or affected by it.

Demons, reptilians, physical and mental health issues, crimes and criminals, scarcity, manipulation and deceit, missed windows, and anyone or anything that wishes you harm can only harm you if you TAKE IT SERIOUSLY, which will cause a piece of you to vibrate at the frequency of the Non-Integrous Earth.

View your “problems” as the comically powerless piece of the Non-Integrous Earth they truly are, and watch how quickly and naturally they fuck off out of your life, back to the only Earth that supports their existence.

Now, how does life work on Integrous Earth, you may ask?

It depends purely on the individual. Unlike NI-Earth, there’s no ONE set of rules. Here, diversity is valued, expected, and what the world runs on, including diversity of life experience. People are individual, powerful creators of their own realities.

You believe getting a college degree is the path to success? That path is yours.

You believe starting a business is the path to success? That path is yours.

You believe success is something that naturally comes to you while you’re just chilling doing nothing? That path is yours.

Whatever kind of man you are, there is a woman you’re destined to be with, who’s forever yours, whether or not you knew each other before this life. (if that’s what you want. no one’s forcing you to be romantic)

Whatever kind of woman you are, there is a man you’re destined to be with, who’ll love you dearly. (if that’s what you want. no one’s forcing you to be romantic)

Should you date with an age-gap, or be with someone close to your age? Depends on who you are and what you personally value.

Are dogs or cats the superior animal? Depends on who you are and what you personally value.

What kind of life should you have at your age, at your current stage of life? Depends on who you are and what you personally value.

What makes a man masculine, and a woman feminine? Depends on who you are and what you personally value.

How quickly do people mature? Does the brain really not reach its final form until 25? Depends on the individual and what kind of person THEY are.


Don’t take other people’s rules for life seriously. You’re the creator of your Reality, not them. It’s fine and normal to agree with other people about how Reality works; These are the people you’re meant to connect with, draw into your life, and share Reality with. The only people you ever “vibe” with are people whose energies and Realities overlap with yours. Everyone else will only make small talk with you at best.

Everything you want out of life exists on Integrous Earth. Your dream soulmate (if you want one), other cool and awesome people, your dream job and dream paycheques, so many cool and fun and enlightening places and things… If you can imagine it, it’s real on I-Earth, and merely intending to have it while you’re here will get Life sending it (or something even better) to you.

And if you believe you’re a worthless, unlovable person, if you have insecurities, if you’re worried there’s no one and nothing out there for you, that you’ll never get who and what’s right for you…

That’s only because you’re taking the Non-Integrous Earth too seriously. Those realities you’re afraid of only exist there. NI-Earth is a wasteland of hate and scarcity and meaninglessness, no matter how technologically advanced it is, no matter how glamorous some of its residents are.

You don’t have to live there, obviously.

If you can even perceive this article, you’re already mostly living on the Integrous Earth. And all you need to do now is become self-aware of what parts of you are attempting to inhabit the Non-Integrous Earth, falsely believing there’s something cool or interesting to be found there (spoiler alert: there isn’t!)

What causes success?

Now that we’ve talked about what divides our two Earths, let’s move on to how we can move up in life in the I-Earth.

There’s no such thing as true success on NI-Earth. Only the illusion of it (which always comes with a price!) Brief ego-victories are the closest thing NI-Earth’s residents ever get to freedom or happiness, and deals with The Devil are commonplace on that Earth.

On I-Earth, success and happiness are easily accessible to everyone. WAGMI, as some of us like to put it. Exactly WHAT we can succeed in is limited by our genetics, but everyone has at least one thing they can do extremely well. Whether it’s working for a company, creating a company, being successful as a free spirit unbound by society, music, art, math, writing books and articles, sports, science… Every single resident of I-Earth is doing something to improve its existence. They don’t “wait” to unlock their talents or successes. Every reason God created you is already self-evident and just needs to be observed as it is.

So what role did my coaching/mentorship play for the men of integrity who worked with me?

I got my clients out of the 200s (the world of safety, security, and conventionality), and up to the 300s (the world of success, adventure, and high-class).

I didn’t only give them advice, explanations of how things work, and fun exercises to do… I gave them energetically charged ones. My coaching wasn’t effective because of the logical information I gave them, but because of the fields of consciousness those things were a part of.

Success in all ways (health, money, sex, relationships, etc) comes from one’s level of consciousness, the field of energy you tune into. It’s not that you CREATE your own success through effort, rather that all these aspects of an accomplished life reside in certain energy fields, and all you need to do to receive the field of energy it’s in, is to radiate that same field of energy to the world.

My esoteric secrets to health and fitness: eat good food, don’t have micronutrient deficiencies, challenge your muscles with exercises that are easy for your body type, and sleep well

I demonstrated the existence and power of these energy fields to my clients through my own example, then they stayed in these fields by their free will, and thus, they became Fated to meet, attract, and retain the courageous, lighthearted, amazing girls who reside in these same 300+ energy fields.

Remember, everything in this world has its counterpart, and separating one from the other is impossible. Even on two ends of an Earth, everything and its counterpart slowly (or quickly) move towards each other. Relaxing and letting the Flow of Life do its thing are all that’s necessary to meet all your counterparts.

For example, NOBODY who chronically vibrates in the 300s or 400s has financial difficulties. Money vibrates in the 300s, so if you yourself are also part of this level of energy day by day… Guess what’ll happen. People in the 200s may get money, but still feel some powerlessness over it. People in the 300s, however…

So how did I become good at attracting girls? (the smart and compassionate ones at least, as much as my sexually depraved self could go for fucking a stupid, mean girl whose only redeeming quality is her looks) How did I go from feeling total powerlessness around the ladies to being near-unable to befriend a girl without her trying to sleep with me at some point?

Again, it’s all in the energy. It’s all about HOW I FELT. Not any pickup techniques. Not any routines or lines or strategies.

I recognized how natural sex and relationships actually are, is how.

I took responsibility for personally radiating, not resisting, the natural sexual energy we all have. I was fully AWARE of it, non-judgemental of it, rather than misunderstanding it or labeling it as something it isn’t.

The girls want sex and romance even more than you do, boys. And just like you, they don’t always know how to go about them. Women are obviously people who get life wrong sometimes, not divine sexual goddesses who control access to all their feminine gifts and laugh at all the guys they get to deny them to.

Having a good sexual experience, or a fun date that isn’t some depolarized “so what do you do? do you like it? do you have any siblings?” interview, isn’t about techniques or dirty talk or positions or kinks, though these can all be fun. But rather, it’s fundamentally about surrendering to the natural flow of energy between a man and a woman. Letting that guide you in the bedroom and in the cafe across from the girl you barely know yet, not just your mind.

Sex can happen on any level of consciousness, in any energy field. The question isn’t how to “make” one of the most natural things in the world happen (everyone who wants and intends to have sex gets it sooner or later!), but rather, what level of consciousness you want to experience sex from.

5: As rape

100: As a form of evil that needs to be controlled and regulated

120: As pornography, lust, envy, self-harm, cuckoldry, separation from the object of your desire, wishing you could have someone “out of your league”

190: As a commodity you control and exchange

200: As a physical act

275: As a fun experience to share with a fun person

400: As a fun, intimate act of devotion to your partner

560: As two Divinely Destined soulmates being saved for each other, forever held together by their Love

You do not need to be in amazing shape, in an amazing financial situation, high-status or “high-value” (which is a concept that exists only on NI-Earth. On I-Earth, EVERYONE is valuable in their own way), or some excessively masculine or feminine person to attract sex, GOOD sex.

You just need to release resistance to this natural flow of energy. That’s what makes you fuckable.

To receive sex, you must radiate sex. To be in touch with someone else’s Sex, you must be aware of your Sex.

Most people who talk about masculine and feminine energy are just bullshitting with flowery language and lists of vague general traits anyone can have. No one can teach you the HOW or WHAT of these energies. You either intuitively GET IT or you don’t. Accessing these energies is as simple as meditating upon yourself. They’re something you surrender to, rather than forcibly bring out.

One caveat: plenty of people have sex without radiating the energy good sex is attracted to. If it seems like everybody’s getting laid but you, remember that the vast majority of these people, even those who brag about their sex lives, are having BAD, DISAPPOINTING, DEPOLARIZED, ENERGETICALLY UNCHARGED sex, whether it’s in hookups or relationships. It’s just like all the people living paycheque-to-paycheque. They’re still getting money. It’s just far less money than people radiating 300+ energy would naturally attract.

Your sexual energy is an innate part of you. Most people just resist it and repress it because they were taught it’s discomforting or oppressive by people from NI-Earth.

Becoming a more sexual, more masculine man, or a more sexual, more feminine woman, is solely about relaxing and giving up resistance to this energy that’s already flowing through you. Do this one thing, and you’ll never have a sexual insecurity ever again.

Your personal energy field

People always intuitively see Who You Are at first sight, with their hearts and with their eyes.

Everything you’ve ever thought, felt, or done is permanently saved in your energy field, and everyone who sees you can intuitively access and view this information about you.

Knowing this, there’s no need to impress people with words or actions. If you’re an impressive person, that speaks for itself.

The only reason people don’t see you as you are is because they ignore their intuition and dismiss it as bullshit, rather than as the sixth sense it truly is.

Mind-reading is also a natural ability everyone has. But before you get scared and assume you have no mental privacy, I’ll explain to you how it actually works.

Only intention-charged thoughts radiate out of you and can be sensed by others.

Simple fantasies and musings stay in your head. No one can view them but you. If you think of something without intending to act on it, no one views this thought but you. It doesn’t even get saved in your energy field.

For example: You could fantasize about doing gruesome, violent, horrible things to get back at someone who’s mistreated you, but this won’t materialize as an energy field, nor create any Karma or physical effects, as long as it stays solely a fantasy.

However, if you have these thoughts with the INTENTION of ACTUALLY causing that harm to that person, you’ll create negative Karma and a corresponding physical energy field as soon as you think them. And people will be able to pick up on what you’re intending to do AT FIRST SIGHT.

If you fantasize about being a businessman, you won’t have the energy of one no matter what you tell yourself. If you fantasize about starting a business while making plans to actually do it, people will sense the Businessman Energy on you before you complete even an ounce of work on it.

If you charge a thought with an intention to Make It Real, it gets sent into your body. That’s when your thoughts shift physical reality. That’s when people intuitively, viscerally pick up on them.

Can you tell when someone’s in grief? Guilty? Horny? Excited? In love? Desperate for love? Shaken? Joyful? Bored? An alcoholic? A drug user? High-IQ or low-IQ? A person of integrity, or a person who intends to harm others? Single? In a relationship? A virgin? Someone who’s fucked?

We all can.

I’d be surprised if you couldn’t recall any times from your life where your intuition wasn’t spot-on about a stranger at first sight.

A sharp intuition is something everyone on Integrous Earth innately has. Becoming more intuitive isn’t about training it, but rather letting go of blocks to it. Nothing ruins your intuition quite like the conscious mind does.

Intuition is not a special psychic ability reserved for a select few. Intuition is nothing more than direct perception of truth. Accessing our collective unconscious database of information. Knowing this, you can find out a ton about people. If you’re allowed to know it.

I can teach you the secret to limitless intuition in two steps:

1. Completely silence your conscious mind.

2. Receive what IS, not what’s been programmed into you. Not societal programming. Not trauma-programming. Not logical information. What IS.

This only ever appears difficult because we cling to false or constructed beliefs so tightly that we don’t realize they’re false, and we’re unwilling to let go of them. Or we’re ego-attached to “knowing it all”, and don’t want to let go of an identity that truly isn’t serving us.

One more thing: Your intuition is only effective if you’re a person of integrity, so people living on Non-Integrous Earth lack access to it. Shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, lust, envy, anger, violence, complaint, and pride all skew your results and render them inaccurate. You can’t use this ability for personal gain. Only altruistically.

You also can’t find out ANYTHING. Only what you’re allowed to know. If you’re getting an unclear reading on someone/something, best to let that question go. You can’t invade people’s privacy with this. Many things are better off being unknown to you.

So knowing all this, do you understand how easy and simple leading a successful, abundant, rewarding life actually is?

How it’s your BIRTHRIGHT, not something you have to earn through work or bargain with the world for?

All it takes is full integrity, understanding how thoughts shape reality, and being responsible for radiating the energy all your desires are attracted to. Understanding what you are and aren’t the counterpart to.


– Ben

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