About me

I’m a gym and coffee addict, cat enthusiast, writer, and an aspiring good person.

My life experience includes:

  • Working for minimum wage.
  • Writing for worse than minimum wage.
  • Overcoming social anxiety and social awkwardness.
  • Petting at least 10 cats (that’s not even close to the real number).
  • Having sex and a dating life.
  • Developing my social ability and knowledge of human nature and interaction through painful trial and error.
  • Lifting heavy things and running really fast.
  • Running a meme page on Instagram for 3 days.

My philosophies on life include:

  • A healthy identity comes from identifying with your own behavior above all else.
  • You don’t know your true identity until it’s been tested.
  • Everyone has value. Interpersonal relationships are a matter of compatibility more than hierarchy.
  • Power is alignment with truth.

As for what I can offer you, I’ll let my work speak for itself.

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