Book – The Three Fundamentals of Attraction

“Ben, what books should I read about attracting women?”


The The Three Fundamentals of Attraction model has worked so well for me and my work and my clients, so I thought “golly gosh, I’ll dedicate an entire book to it!”

Because let’s face it – dating is such a DRAG for most guys.

The rules and paths to success with women aren’t always obvious. Random bullshit derails things when you least expect it.

But that’s no excuse not to learn and try and grow. The failures and setbacks are half the fun!

If you’re willing to understand the fundamentals, do the personal work, and most importantly – enjoy the process and trials and errors and eventual wins…

Your dating life will be the same one most men dream of having, except you’re actually living it.

No more laying awake and lonely at 1 AM wishing you had a cute girl to hold hands and read the Bible with.

If you’d rather be stuck in old ways of thinking and keep getting the results you’ve been getting, turn back. This book is for determined men only.

If paying two figures for a potentially life-changing text is too expensive for you, get your scarcity mindset outta here. This book is for winners only.

Fun fact about this book – I wrote it in 3 weeks, usually during the AM hours until sunrise (coffee helped!). That’s the cool thing about being an experienced writer and having studied the dating world for about a decade…

The information just flowed out of me. I didn’t force anything. It wasn’t awkward in the slightest.

Some things in this book may not resonate with you when you first read them. That’s fine. Growth doesn’t happen overnight, or without real-world experiences. There’s books I’ve read years ago that I keep going back to and learning new things from.

Now let’s get to what really matters here:

Questions this book will answer, if you let it:

(Secrets known to every man who gets women!)

  • What’s more true? Traditional or modern ideas of masculinity and femininity?
  • Should you learn and trust redpill ideology?
  • Which fundamental is the most important game-changer in your dating life?
  • How do you stop dating manipulative, insecure, selfish, low-character women, and start dating awesome, confident, generous, high-character women?
  • What’s the secret of the “hot guys” that’ll enable you to become one? Even if you grew up unattractive?
  • How does muscle mass affect how a woman perceives you?
  • How can you NATURALLY increase your testosterone?
  • What are porn and masturbation REALLY doing to your results with women? Are they benign habits or attraction-killers?
  • How do you more easily meet and attract women who fit your values?
  • What hobbies and interests are women most attracted to?
  • How much do looks, money, status REALLY matter?
  • When do physically and socially dominant men do MUCH WORSE with women than less conventionally “alpha” men?
  • Is settling for a woman ever a good idea?
  • How much does hypergamy influence a woman? And what is she really hypergamous for? (it’s not your looks or bank account!)
  • What’s the true role of GAME in attraction/seduction? Does it work or is it all placebo? Do you need to know it to succeed?
  • Why is rejection actually a good thing?
  • If she says “I have a boyfriend”, what’s the best thing to do?
  • What’s the difference between doing a cold approach that makes a girl’s day, even if she’s not into you… VS doing a cold approach that makes her uncomfortable, even if she finds you attractive?
  • Is spam-approaching many girls back-to-back a good idea?
  • How much of the interaction is really in your control?
  • Why are some men with a lot of good qualities misunderstood or boring at first impression? And how do you solve this if that’s you?
  • How do you tell if she’s putting up resistance because she’s not into you, or because she wants you to keep going?
  • What are the rules of making your lifestyle and social circle work for you in drawing more women to you? And what grave mistakes with those do you NOT want to make?
  • How do you get out of a boring, empty phase of life and get into a time of abundance, bringing many women and new friends into your life?
  • How do you figure out which women are most compatible with YOU specifically?
  • What’s the best opener for a girl you randomly approach in no larger social context?
  • What goes on inside a woman’s head? How does her feminine essence truly relate to the world?
  • Are women sexually omnipotent goddesses who are all-knowing about the world? (I’ll answer this one early- they’re not! They’re multi-dimensional people just like you!)
  • How do you discern which women’s emotional worlds are compatible with yours?
  • What really separates various dating markets, regardless of age, location, and cultural demographics?
  • How does the dating experience change as you get more satisfied with life and more spiritually aware?
  • When will being vulnerable with a girl about your pains make her MORE attracted to you?
  • How smart is a typical young woman, really? (The truth about female intelligence that most guys don’t understand!)
  • What’s the difference between a nice guy who’s weak and unattractive, and a nice guy who’s spiritually strong and attractive to women?
  • What is the essence of male life? (this cuts through any fake notions of masculinity you may have internalized)
  • What do women really think of stoic men with a tight grip on their emotions?
  • Are younger women always a better choice?
  • Are soulmates a real thing?
  • How early into the date should you touch her? Kiss her?
  • What’s the easily preventable common mistake guys make on dates that turns sexual tension into awkward tension?
  • What’s the real reason some girls’ beauty decays quickly (even if she has “hot girl” genetics), while some average girls get prettier as the years go by?
  • When a girl you want gets bombarded with attention from attractive guys (and you’re not so genetically gifted), how do you set yourself apart from the competition and get her wanting you more than them?
  • How can you get a girl who’s hot + sexually aware AND ready to commit + meet your emotional needs, not just one or the other? Did you miss the window where all these girls start dating the right guys for them? Is there any hope for you to find one who’s single?
  • What does it say about a man when he has more female friends than male friends?
  • When a woman “shit tests” you, is it because she doesn’t respect you?
  • What mistake do men always make with good intentions when a woman has a problem – that makes her problem WORSE? And what’s the counterintuitive solution to that mistake that most men would find insane?
  • What do attention and ejaculation have in common?
  • Why is attaining material success in life like patting a cat? (especially with the ladies!)
  • To what degree are your various traumas and emotional wounds holding you back from dating success?
  • Is dating just as hard for women as it is for men?
  • What age do men’s and women’s looks peak at?
  • How can you figure out a woman’s true character beyond her image?

Every client of mine will get The Three Fundamentals of Attraction as part of the coaching package. And if you buy the book before doing coaching, I’ll deduct its price from the coaching fee.


If you’d rather go straight to coaching, you know what to do. I’ll let you finish reading the book before we get started.

But if you just want the book for now…

I’m ready to learn the Three Fundamentals of Attraction and become more of a chick magnet!

(that’s a link!)

(Also, I’ll be raising the price when it’s not such a new release anymore! Get it ASAP!)