How minimalism transformed my life

Here’s everything I currently have in my wardrobe: 13 t-shirts 6 button-ups 4 pairs of pants Two pairs of shoes Two pairs of shorts Socks and underwear Two pairs of sweatpants One sweater, one hoodie, one coat, one hat Not counting my socks and underwear, or my belt and watch and glasses, that’s only 33 […]

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Why women manipulate men

Women have a dark, destructive, manipulative side. Mainstream dating advice pretends it doesn’t exist. Redpill/manosphere/PUA dating advice assumes it’s all there is. Women are much more complicated than their sex, shadow, mind, or heart alone. If you can’t see women (and yourself) holistically, then you will be constantly blindsided in the dating world, as I […]

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Do women only desire Chad?

Men’s looks matter to women. This might be a bitter pill, red or otherwise, but it’s the truth. I’m sure you’ve seen women desire men for no other apparent reason than “He’s so hot” Women put up significantly fewer barriers in front of their sexuality for men who are physically attractive and high-status. They’re as […]

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Am I a fraud?

I spat game at this one girl today, though I could tell there was nothing deeper there between us. The same old routine – opener, assumptions, vibing and showing a bit of vulnerability, making sure she’s not underage, getting a basic picture of who she is, all that jazz. And the number-close. Except this time, […]

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