3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D explained

If there’s one type of person I have a (loving) vendetta against, it’s the fake-spiritual types. People who get into spirituality to avoid their life’s problems, rather than to better face them. People who outsource their judgements on life to astrology, esotericism, tarot, ayahuasca, and basically anything besides real-world action and knowledge. But they get […]

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Dating in Celestial Realms

The higher you rise in consciousness, the more paradoxical and yet, united things become. The more you realize people, places, things, and events are all part of one story, one energy field among infinite fields, and are thus, inseparable. You are Fated to meet certain people. You are destined to forge yourself through certain paths. […]

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The vibrations of the dating world

Everyone above a certain level of consciousness intuitively understands energy, but not all of us can put it into words. Some people’s energy is cold, dull, discomforting. Either they’re barely visible in a crowd, low-energy and hiding themselves away, or they’re smart and present, but they smell like a snake. Even if what they’re saying […]

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Her femininity’s deep source

Being a feminine woman isn’t as simple as putting on a pretty sundress and abstaining from casual sex. Though some sad singles round these parts would rather avoid real vulnerability and be a caricature than do the deep external and internal work to become a wholly integrated individual. This idealization of a woman’s Madonna archetype […]

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How to Find Love and Meet Your Soulmates

I’ve asked myself who I’m really meant to be with a lot. I’ve found myself in temporary, unfulfilling friendship after temporary, unfulfilling friendship, dating girl after girl who didn’t stick around, and feeling no vibe with all the rest… If there’s one big thing I’ve learnt about relationship compatibility (we’re talking about all types of […]

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Your masculinity’s deep source

There’s a ton of talk round these parts about how you can become a more masculine man – lift weights, get more streams of income, talk to more girls and sharpen your seductive powers, stop jerking off and stop watching porn, get a wife and start a family… I approve. Yet accurate as it all […]

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