The vampires you invite in

If you’ve had some life experience and an open set of eyes, you know: Healthy relationships are few. Toxic, triggering relationships are many. Especially in modern Western society’s spiritually drained dating culture. Don’t act like it’s all going well for you. You’re browsing a dating advice website for a reason. Someone has hurt you. And […]

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Your masculinity’s deep source

There’s a ton of talk round these parts about how you can become a more masculine man – lift weights, get more streams of income, talk to more girls and sharpen your seductive powers, stop jerking off and stop watching porn, get a wife and start a family… I approve. Yet accurate as it all […]

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Do you give good advice?

I got an interesting response from a reader of my mailing list, after I sent out a promotion for my Holistic Health Coaching program. Way to give unsolicited advice when no one fucking asked. Way to attack my identity and my hustle, but… He’s right. The coaching industry IS rife with subjectivity and fraud. The […]

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How to flirt without being a creep

I had one of my most uncomfortable interactions ever with a stranger a couple nights ago. I was bar-hopping by myself on a Wednesday night, chatting up strangers, checking out the live music, and keeping my eye out for any pretty young ladies looking to dance. (didn’t see any who really struck my eye that […]

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How minimalism transformed my life

Here’s everything I currently have in my wardrobe: 13 t-shirts 6 button-ups 4 pairs of pants Two pairs of shoes Two pairs of shorts Socks and underwear Two pairs of sweatpants One sweater, one hoodie, one coat, one hat Not counting my socks and underwear, or my belt and watch and glasses, that’s only 33 […]

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