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Is sexual energy coaching for you?

Ben and I talked a lot about embodying and channeling energies — bringing my sexuality, intellect, and emotion into proper balance. It felt pretty woo-woo at first, but through talking with Ben and unpacking my dating experiences, I came to feel that this framework really addressed failures in my sex life (and broader self-conception) directly and clearly.
I had no idea, however, how much would fall into alignment when these concepts really clicked and I started to embody my sexuality more intuitively in my interactions. It is no joke to say that this slight change — coming to consider myself more sexually and to direct that sexual energy in a warm and confident way in my interactions — *radically* shifted my sex life, as well as my self conception. A few weeks into this realization, and I’m now dating the two sexiest (and most interesting) girls I’ve ever dated, and both of whom are palpably excited by me. More importantly, my life feels charged with a positive, inviting sexuality I’ve never felt before. The frame shift Ben helped set in motion has been *huge*.
– Alex K.

Brother, I’ve been there.

I’ve been the needy nice guy, the overcompensating fake player…

The guy who’d lose his shit over girls who didn’t care for him…

The guy who was absolutely clueless with, blindsided by girls even if he was doing everything objectively right…

The guy who was trapped in his own head 24/7…

The guy who could get a girl… But never keep her…

So I get it.

Women aren’t always easy to figure out. And the men who taught you how to handle them may be confusing you even further.

Who does Ben Foth think he is?

Maybe you’ll relate to some of my story. Maybe you won’t.

I had zero, zilch, nada dating life in high school despite all my teenage hormones. But I was determined to stop being a loser in every domain – physically, socially, worldly, sexually.

I’d wonder – the scrawniest, weakest, least athletic boy around… The socially awkward, sloppily dressed geek who started losing his hair at 14… Could he become a strong, dominant, competent, respected, masculine man? Could he earn the adoration and respect he craved from the girls and the guys?

I was sick of being a weak little boy. I wanted to be a MAN.

A long journey of self-improvement and self-actualization ensued.

When I finally got it all – a killer physique, good style, status, ambition, and my first ever real social circle…

I was still the only one of my friends who wasn’t dating, seeing, or fucking someone. I’d experiment with all sorts of tricks and tactics to get girls, but they wouldn’t bite.

I’d be powerless with girls no matter what game I’d pull.

I was confused and frustrated. Guys who weren’t so put-together or interesting or ambitious were doing waaay better with the ladies than I was.

With them, the girls would smile, laugh, giggle all girlishly, invest themselves in them. They’d jump at the chance to see those guys again and again and again…

But that wasn’t in the cards for me, right?

Was I innately broken and unattractive, doomed to fail with girls no matter how much I’d work on my body, presentation, ambitions, and social skills?

Dating and sex felt random and hopeless. Even if the occasional girl I’d get with (but not keep) was attractive, I’d still feel used. I wasn’t in control of my dating life.

Why the hell not?

Simply put…

I wasn’t aware.

The truth about dating and relationships is that they’re an emotional process, not an intellectual, formulaic one.

Frustrated past me would read the dating advice and the theory, test it out in the field… Consciously try to shift things in his favor…

And come home mad and dissatisfied every time.

Your unconscious beliefs, energies, and involuntary behaviors are what truly determine your attractiveness to women.

Understand this, and your serious dating frustrations will be left in your past.

Ben gets to the root of dating issues. Think on this for a second. We’re biologically wired to seek out “mates” based on how well they fit some physical and emotional criteria. If you’re having issues getting girls, you’re not meeting those standards. The “red pill” crowd will tell you about all the things you’re saying wrong, and there’s a place for that kind of work, but the bottom line is that you have deeper issues you need to address. 

Let’s flip things around. A beautiful, fit, and feminine girl shows interest in you. Does she need to do anything special to get you into bed other than make her interest known? Neg you? Use some special frame? “Deep dive” into your interests and passions? Of course not. It’s her you’re attracted to, not some series of actions and words she’s using to woo you. The key to leveling up your dating life is leveling up yourself. 

Here’s the “bad” news: what Ben offers isn’t exactly a handful of cheap tricks that will instantly change your dating life with no effort required on your part. If you’ve been listening, you’ve probably already realized that the answers you’re looking for aren’t at the surface and they aren’t subtle behavioral shifts. The difference between you and the masters isn’t the little things; it’s the big things. Ben gets that and he’ll help you examine your holistic self and figure out what actions you can take to become the person that gets the results that you’re looking for. 

The beautiful thing about this is a) it works and b) its benefits extend past dating. Ben sees all of this for what it truly is and I highly recommend that if you’ve read his work and his words resonate with you that you give his services a try.

-Eric R.

What’s in it for YOU?

Let’s be realistic.

You’re not a perfect guy, nor will you ever be. You’ll make a shitton of progress working with me (assuming you’re responsible and coachable), but you won’t have an overnight “dud to stud” transformation.

Here’s what I DON’T promise you:

  • The same coaching experience I’ve given to every other client.
  • The ability to attract absolutely any hot girl ever.
  • “You’ll meet the love of your life in under 2 months!”
  • A bunch of sleazy tactics that will supposedly flip a girl’s attraction switches and get her wanting to sleep with you. (and don’t actually work unless you’re another kind of guy)
  • Talk, talk, talk, and no action.
  • Becoming a perfect man or ever getting a perfect woman. There’s no such thing.

Here’s what I DO promise you:

  • A coaching experience tailored to your personal wants, needs, and values in the dating world, whether you’re looking to get married ASAP, play the field indefinitely, or anything in between.
  • The women YOU deserve. Making sure you settle for nothing less than the best women who are in alignment with you.
  • A dating life on your terms where you (and the women you date) are truly confident and empowered.
  • Deep inner psychological work where we undo all the knots in you that are stopping you from showing up as the fullest, most present, most masculine version of yourself AND tactical “do this when she does this, she really means X when she says Y” advice that’ll get you performing your best in the field, not just one or the other.
  • Accountability on your part. Advice and inner work alone won’t transform your dating life. You have to take action. You have to be unafraid of making a mistake that’ll grow you. You have to be unafraid of sacrificing a bit of money and comfort for long-term prosperity and sexual energy mastery.
  • A growth mindset that’ll stop your imperfections stopping you from success with women, who are all just as imperfect and human as you are!

Look at my client testimonials!

My coaching ISN’T “one size fits all”. I’ll get to know YOU and your unique situation, and guide you to the prosperous dating life you deserve!

Are you ready to be the next gentleman whose dating trial-and-erroring I shorten from years, even decades, to mere MONTHS before he lands the ladies he most enjoys?

Click here when you’re ready to transform your dating life

I’ve known Ben for a long time and he’s truly a master at his craft. When I came to him, I was wrapped up in my own head about the male-female dynamics of the relationship. I wasn’t able to see my girlfriend for what she really was: A beautiful woman with her own personality traits. I was simply stuck in the respective gender roles that we played. Because of this, my relationship was going downhill.

Ben helped me break past my limiting belief systems so that I could truly show up for my loving girlfriend. Not only did we go through more theoretical/abstract/esoteric avenues, but we also created tangible and applicable actions that I immediately put into place after our call together. Since then, my relationship with my girlfriend has never been better. Ben helped me tune into my sexual energy and tap into that of my girlfriends’ to create a deeper and more meaningful connection together.

– Myles W.

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