The course contains:

  • 19 lessons
  • A homework assignment + Writing activities.
  • Stories of redemption, idolatry, love, and people facing their dark sides.

This course doesn’t come from a perspective of academia or social science. It’s not textbooks and theory and questionable clinical studies.

It’s not platitudes like “stop caring what people think of you!” or empty words to make you feel good.

It’s not super-obvious advice like “meet people through activities you enjoy!” (at least not without nuance)

It was lived and learned in the trenches of the social world.

It’s battle-tested principles that hold up against any constructed story.

It’s timeless wisdom that the world’s most socially competent people know well.

It’s hope for the socially anxious.

It’s guidance for the socially inexperienced.

It’s direction for those who feel their social life isn’t what it could be.

You don’t have to be like that forever.

You’re a force of nature that can handle the social world like a knife handles butter.

You need the proper guidance to unlock your natural capabilities.

This course will teach you:

  • The difference between a strong identity and a weak identity
  • What aspects of your identity to prioritize and devalue to align your identity with reality
  • Mindset principles that are the difference between your social interactions going smoothly or awkwardly
  • How to build a REAL social life, not just settle for a half-assed one
  • How to have power over your dating life and effortlessly attract partners

Are you ready to get ahead in the social world?

Are you ready to actualize your potential as a friend?

As a lover?

As a force of nature in the social world?

Fuck yeah I am!