Dating Coaching Coaching

You used to be a loser with the ladies.

You didn’t get laid in high school, or maybe your high school sweetheart cheated on you and ripped your heart apart with her bare claws.

Then you’ve gotten into the books, done 1000 approaches, ranted to all your friends about how RSD saved you from being a virgin forever, and had sex a few times with lonely drunk girls who wanted a rebound…

You never though you’d get this great with women, but you did it.

Now it’s time to become a dating coach.

If this is your calling, you:

  • Used to be a needy virgin nice guy who was clueless with women
  • Got sick of being a loser, decided to prove yourself
  • Got into the field
  • Met a bunch of girls
  • Learned a bunch of stuff
  • And are now ready to teach it, and help other needy virgin nice guys git gud gitting gurls

What do Dating Coaches do?

We work with sexual failures, and teach them how to be good with women.

Whether it’s on the phone, on video calls, or doing bootcamps in person where we offer them real-time feedback in approaching women who all already have boyfriends for some reason.

A Dating Coach is the greatest investment a guy can make in his journey of sexual mastery.

And a Dating Coaching Coach is the greatest investment an aspiring Dating Coach can make in his journey of Dating Coaching.

When you’re a dating coach, you get to be your own boss.

Make your own money.

Lead your own life and career.

The work is just as sexy as the girl you had in your bed last night (or 5 years ago)

The world will be yours after you go through my mentorship.

I, Ben Foth, have been a dating/relationship/sexual energy coach since I started coaching. And years before then, I was blogging writing dating advice while I was still a young, inexperienced, yet courageous guy in the field.

I have close to half a decade of experience Dating Coaching.

Now it’s time for you to GET SOME 😉

Experience, clients, money, mentorship.

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