Holistic Health Coaching

You’re a few phone calls with me away from:

  • The highest testosterone you’ve ever had (even if your endocrine system’s crashed, read my story!)
  • Putting fatigue, burnout, low energy IN YOUR PAST
  • Training like a beast in the gym and watching the number on the scale go up quickly (if your goal is to gain weight) or down quickly (if your goal is to lose fat)
  • Removing your procrastination, self-sabotage, and “I can’t focus on the work I’m doing for longer than 10 minutes!” habits.
  • Quitting your addictions and sticking to it, with NO RELAPSES. (whether it’s alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, porn…)
  • Knowing everything you need to know about optimizing your own biochemistry

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Or you can keep telling yourself:

“Why do I not feel like the man I was when I was younger, stronger, and more energetic?”

“Why is making gains in the gym taking so LONG?”

“I should just find some productivity hacks to cure my low energy, procrastination, and lack of focus”

“I’ll keep boozing, smoking, getting high, or watching porn uncontrollably, instead of addressing the root causes of my vices and finally being free of them”

“I won’t work with Ben, because I DON’T want to make the fastest strength and muscle gains of my life, or to optimize my hormones and biochemistry, or become my most productive self”

But when you’re ready to invest in yourself blah blah work with me some salesy bullshit about making you your best and healthiest and strongest self…


Let’s clear one thing up before we move forward:

I’m not your personal trainer.

Being fit and healthy ISN’T simply about lifting weights or going on a run a few times a week, and eating healthy carbs and enough protein every day.

Your body is an intricate, complex ecosystem of cells, hormones, chemicals, energies, and other building blocks.

My coaching lives and dies by that.

Your fitness routine matters, but it’s only one aspect of my Holistic Health Coaching program.

I’ve overcome the following health problems in myself:

  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Chronic insomnia
  • Seasonal depression
  • Sexual energy severance
  • Learning/memory issues
  • Acute and chronic anxiety
  • Depersonalization/Derealization/Acute psychosis and mania
  • Compromised testosterone production/utilization
  • Addiction – alcohol, drugs, porn/masturbation, escapism
  • YEARS of failed workouts, or workouts that’d have me spinning my wheels, going through the motions no matter how hard I’d push myself

Knowledge is power.

My story

I started out looking like this:

Ended up looking like this:

…and started to have something of a dating life when I looked like this

Today, I look something along the lines of:

While still having a few drinks sometimes, smoking a bit, and downing a ton of coffee. I’m not a health dogmatist!

My fitness/health journey has been a hell of a decade for me.

I started out as the weakest, scrawniest, least athletic guy around.

Then I decided not to settle for that, and put on over 40 lbs of muscle.

I even trained to become a powerlifter at one point. (that didn’t work out (hah), but it got me some amazing strength gains)

But my story isn’t the typical “I used to be out of shape, then I followed a fitness routine and became sexy” narrative.

Some of its chapters are dark.

They’re the reason I’m fantastic at what I do.

I’ve destroyed my bodymind with addictions and other health problems, and recovered fully from it.

I’ve lost 20 lbs of muscle after wrecking my body’s endocrine system with addiction, and spent YEARS trying to restore my fitness to what it used to be with foods, supplements, lifestyle “hacks”, and trial-and-error…

I succeeded.

I’m now in even better shape, with higher testosterone, functioning and LIVING way better than I ever have before.

But I don’t need to get into more detail. I’ve already told you what I’ve overcome 😉

Now let’s talk about YOU.

What are you in it for?

Who will you be, as a result of optimizing your bodymind?

What’s your WHY?

Click here and tell me.

Common “why”s include:

  • Wanting to optimize your hormones and feel like a MAN
  • Wanting to get JACKED AF BRO
  • Being sick of low-energy, low-productivity days where nothing gets done, only being able to complete your work when there’s a deadline
  • Wanting to be more fuckable for the ladies or for the gents
  • Being sick of sleepless nights and waking up groggy
  • Being ready to free yourself from the claws of addiction, and making your life your own, instead of revolving it around trying to meet your addiction’s wants


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