Starlight – Extraterrestrial, Supernatural, Unconventional

Conspiracy theorist party boy Bryce Waterman tries getting his first ever summer job. And he finds it at Starlight, an Ottawa-based team dedicated to keeping the Earth safe from dangerous alien and supernatural phenomena.

In 13 exciting, daring, sexy stories, Bryce faces the unknown and the chaotic, learns how to be a man, and develops a sense of responsibility and maturity.

His coworkers, though a bit older and more experienced, still have their lessons left to learn. His sex-addicted boss refuses to love again, his field partner is mentally stuck in high school, the tech guy wishes he was the boss, the doctor is an alcoholic misanthrope, and the PR lady is pretty and perfect, and prone to fantastical thinking.

Working with extraterrestrials teaches Bryce more about human nature than anything else ever could.

(These stories contain R-rated scenes. I don’t hold back the sexuality or the vulgarity here)

I dedicate this serial to all the sci-fi shows that inspired it and made my challenging, disappointing adolescence bearable. Chuck, Torchwood, Supernatural, Fringe, The Flash. These “team of people faces sci-fi stuff” shows were there for me in ways no person ever was.

I’m writing Starlight in a similar format. Weekly episodes, instead of one long-ass book like I originally intended.

The setting is the same place I spent my early young adulthood – Ottawa, Ontario. The characters, obviously fictional people. I also never encountered extraterrestrials there, as far as I know. Supernatural or unconventional however, I’ll keep that to myself.

Episodes so far:

Season 1:

Episode 1 – Bryce needs a fucking job (Originally published on 7/26/2021)

Episode 2 – Look at all these big damn spiders (8/02/2021)

Episode 3 – The Devil and Helene Ouellette (8/16/2021)

Episode 4 – Stolen hearts (8/16/2021)

Episode 5 – Spiritual misguidance (COMING 8/23/2021)

Aaaaand here’s a character sheet if you’re into that sort of thing:

The Starlight team:

Bryce Waterman: ESFP, conspiracy theorist party boy who, beneath his fratty image, craves responsibility and order in his life. Insecure about being immature and inexperienced in life.

Tom Holroyd: ESTP, punk rock gent who’s addicted to sex and rock n roll, but not drugs. Covers up his grief with an outgoing, jovial attitude.

Jane O’Connor: ISFJ, career woman who isn’t over her high school days. Her shy, awkward self-image hasn’t caught up with her now-higher position in life.

Omar Atallah: ENTJ, former high-performance athlete who wants to win at absolutely everything. Has a one-dimensional understanding of his own masculinity.

Simon Bannerman: ISTP, British lad who drinks like he’s Irish and is still somehow the most level-headed member of the team.

Helene Ouellette: ENFP, young prodigy with a genius IQ, has her head in the clouds and often loses touch with concrete reality.

Other people/plot devices:

Ryan: Burly dude with a beard

Chad: A Chad

Claire: A composite of every kind-hearted party girl I’ve ever met

Rachel: Dumb whore

Kayla: Wholesome good girl