Why I’m mean to nice people

I was rereading yesterday’s email and thinking “damn, I had no sympathy for the poor guy”. I bitched that Mr. Nice Guy out through the whole thing, and didn’t have a single positive thing to say about him. I understand how that may have come off. This man’s an imperfect, flawed human like all of […]

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How the bar-going boys get laid

I used to bang my head against the wall trying to pick up girls on nights out. Whether it’d be at bars, clubs, parties, or just meeting girls through my social circle. I’d drink, dance, vibe, frame myself as a cool fun high-status party boy… But the girls just weren’t biting. So I worked on […]

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The men who SHOULD date broken women

As adamant as I am about getting guys to settle for nothing less than sweet, generous, giving, responsible women… I have to admit… Broken women have value. Of course, you should never date a woman you aren’t physically, biochemically attracted to. That’s a hard rule every guy should follow. You have nothing to gain from […]

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Is sex a flex?

VESUVIUS on the bird app made an interesting point last night: “Dudes posting their hoes on here either never get any or stuck in the mind of a 14yr old Any1 that’s had that understands how easy and unfulfilling that is Pulling sluts in this lost society not a flex Having a loyal good woman […]

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