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Great to see you, man! Are you ready to finally transform your dating life?

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I offer two coaching packages:

1. The whole shebang. This coaching program goes for months. We’ll cover the following, along with tailoring it to your individual wants, needs, and values in the dating world:

  • Foundational masculine energy work
  • Feminine energy work
  • Deep psychological work that’ll undo all the knots in you that are holding you back from showing up as your fullest self
  • Quit-porn coaching that’ll detox your brain and body from this nasty addiction
  • Text/online game advice
  • Infield tactical work
  • Much much more 😉

2. One call. Whatever problem you’re dealing with RIGHT NOW in your dating, relationships, and sex, let’s solve it quickly. Let’s figure it out, fix it up, and get you on the right track moving forward.


Have you decided which one you want?

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For the second package, DM me on Twitter or Instagram or email me at

For the first, you’re in the right place. Fill the form out, and I’ll be in touch.