Every gent struggles with the ladies at some point:


“Why do girls want to be my friend, but never my girlfriend?”

“Why do they act all feminine and giggly with those other guys but not with me?”

“What am I saying or doing wrong that’s making all these girls ghost me, lead me on, and lose interest in me after a hookup, or after one or two dates, or after just a few minutes of chatting with me?”

“Girls always talk about how the guys they want hurt them, invite them over at midnight, and act like assholes with them. But I’m honest and respectful with girls and they don’t want to be with me!”

“I’m never going to be successful in the dating world if I’m not a tall, muscular, bearded guy with nice hair and an interesting life!”

“Why can I get some girls, but never ones that really excite me?”

“I wish someone taught me how all this works so I don’t have to blindly figure it out for myself”


Sucks being that guy, right?

The guy who doesn’t get laid

The guy who never dates girls who adore him

While all the guys around you probably do, eh?


And it can feel humiliating, even shameful or nihilistic.


Those guys have something inherent you don’t, right?

Do you not measure up to them at all?

You’re genetically inferior to them and should give up all hope that a quality girl will do anything but settle for you in 10 years, right?

Your past failures mean that anyone of quality will be disgusted by you, right?

You should just settle for the first mediocre girl who takes pity on you, right?




Around here, we don’t do that sort of defeatist mindset.


Your problem isn’t that you have cursed genes.

Or that you weren’t cool in high school.

Or that you get anxious at even the idea of talking to pretty girls.

Or that you don’t fit a “hot guy” archetype (you know the types)

Or that every girl you date or even talk to loses interest in you for something you can’t even see! What is it about you that’s turning off all those girls?

Those are all symptoms of a larger problem:

No one taught you your place as a man in the dating world.


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One more thing!

Then I’ll let you roam around the site a bit, or you can leave if you’re feeling that. It’s your life.

You’ve noticed up there, it says “Ben Foth – The ambitious man’s dating coach”

Because that’s exactly who I want to work with.

Ambitious men.

Not do-nothing losers who just want to survive.

Men with dreams. Men with drive. Men with moxie. Men of action.

Because as you’ve probably learned the hard way – being successful in your life pursuits doesn’t guarantee success with women.

(Have you heard stories of handsome millionaires being absolute shite with the ladies, or broke, trashy boys being absolute studs with them?)

(and you don’t even have to be a success just yet, as long as you’re working at it!)

But when you have the right knowledge, the right mindset, the right alignment between yourself and your nature…

The same fire in you that drives you to be successful in your career, in the gym, and in your hobbies carries over into your success with women.

So let’s do some one-on-one work.

With some adjustments to your thinking and to how you go about relating to women, your dating life will stop being a desert of pain and uncertainty, and start being abundant and rewarding.

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I look forward to helping you improve your dating life and your results with women!

– Ben