Bro, you want some of these?


You know, the experiences any guy with normal testosterone levels wants:


Pretty girls

Beautiful women

Sex with them that’s phenomenal, not just “it was decent” or worse, “she used me for dick”. (really, you’d settle for being USED?)

Sexual relationships built on appreciation, not manipulation. (because honestly, no guy with his head on straight wants to CONVINCE a girl to be with him, or be with a girl with low confidence who wants to wreck his)

True confidence in dating, to attract and go after the ladies you REALLY want without shame, insecurity, or hesitation.

To be THE MAN they viscerally crave as a sexual option, not some desexed Joe Schmoe.

Always knowing where you stand with women. Never asking the “does she like me?” question, because you ALREADY INTUITIVELY KNOW how she feels.

Instead, you may be thinking:


“Why do girls want to be my friend, but never my girlfriend?”

“Why do they act all feminine and giggly with those other guys but not with me?”

“What am I saying or doing wrong that’s making all these girls ghost me, lead me on, and lose interest in me after a hookup, or after one or two dates, or after just a few minutes of chatting with me?”

“Girls always talk about how the guys they want hurt them, invite them over at midnight, and act like assholes with them. But I’m honest and respectful with girls and they don’t want to be with me!”

“I’m never going to be successful in the dating world if I’m not a tall, muscular, bearded guy with nice hair and an interesting life!”

“Why can I get some girls, but never ones that really excite me?”

“I wish someone taught me how all this works so I don’t have to blindly figure it out for myself”

Sucks being that guy, right?

The guy who doesn’t get laid

The guy who never dates girls who adore him

While all the guys around you probably do, eh?


And it can feel humiliating, even shameful or nihilistic.


Those guys have something inherent you don’t, right?

Do you not measure up to them at all?

You’re genetically inferior to them and should give up all hope that a quality girl will do anything but settle for you in 10 years, right?

Your past failures mean that anyone of quality will be disgusted by you, right?

You should just settle for the first mediocre girl who takes pity on you, right?




Around here, we don’t do that sort of defeatist mindset.


Your problem isn’t that you have cursed genes.

Or that you weren’t cool in high school.

Or that you get anxious at even the idea of talking to pretty girls.

Or that you don’t fit a “hot guy” archetype (you know the types)

Or that every girl you date or even talk to loses interest in you for something you can’t even see! What is it about you that’s turning off all those girls?

Those are all symptoms of a larger problem:

No one taught you your place as a man in the dating world.

Plenty of guys think having money, a career, and one loyal girl is enough.

Then they get broken up with out of nowhere, or find out their girl’s been sleeping with Mr. “I swear he’s just a friend”, and they have no clue what the hell went wrong in their relationship.

And that’s if they weren’t too nice and timid to get a girl in the first place.

Then there’s the guys who want to be better, but they get disillusioned.

Maybe they just casually read online dating advice, or they’re hardcore into the “redpill” community.

“Is it really that complicated?” They think. “Do I really have to worry about all this stuff? Why can’t a girl just like me for me?”

They learn the tricks and the games and the theory, and maybe even get lucky once in a while.

But something’s missing.

Where’s the authentic connections? The passion? The fire? The love?

Is sex really supposed to be this robotic and full of games and headaches along the way?

Is dating really supposed to be like a frustrating business deal?

Are women really just opportunistic value-consumers who only want Alpha™ men?

“I can’t believe women treat men so horribly! They can’t love us, only use us!”

These men are a step above the doormat nice guys, but still far from what they could be.

Simply reading information isn’t enough to transform you into a guy who GETS IT.


And that’s who women want you to be. They want you to be the guy who GETS IT.

They’re sick of the guys who don’t.

They’re disgusted by both the nice guy doormats and the wannabe Alpha™ posers trying to get in their panties.

“Where did the real men go?” They think. “The men who still know how to be men? The men who make me feel more like a woman?”

They want the guy who makes them feel more alive. They want the guy whose want is power, not the guy whose need is weakness.

And that’s what modern society and culture have taken from us guys:

Masculine spirit to complement women’s feminine spirit.

Expectations in dating that men thrive in following.

A socially accepted model of manhood that embodies generosity with a backbone, as a gentleman should be.

Sexual empowerment, not shame.

That’s why I’m here:

To teach you to make your own way through the dating world.

To instill the sovereign, tough, gentlemanly spirit that women go wild for and that other men naturally respect and look up to.

The truth is:

Tactics and game aren’t what generates attraction.

You don’t have to be someone you’re not to get the best girls for you. Your flaws and imperfections can be an ASSET to you in your dating life.

Yes, women and men are both flawed and selfish in their own ways. But they’re diverse. Good, virtuous ones are everywhere! You don’t have to settle for ones who aren’t!

Most importantly:

Men and women are supposed to love each other.

That’s the whole point of our sexualities! We weren’t built to use each other for impulsive pleasure, or to repress ourselves into androgyny. We were built to bond, to create and share life together.

Get outta here with any bitter, hateful thoughts about women or yourself.

If your dating life is nothing but misery, something’s up. It should be fun and exciting, not draining or anxiety-inducing!

If the girls you meet never adore you or give you a shot, something’s up.

If you don’t capitalize on your opportunities with them, something’s up.

Let’s level up your dating life.

Let’s teach you the things men should know, but often fail to.


Are you ready to make your dating life and your understanding of sexuality what it could be?


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